Zitat des Tages – Mind & Matter

„if you’d really like to know precisely why i am so dead tired you ought to try coming to work on the subway at 7:30 every morning then jamming into an elevator like part of a herd of cattle then working in that in that cacophonous din that you call an office.
Always get jostled, always get shoved always get pushed around.“

„People, people! If i had my way here’s how i’d fix the universe.
I’d eliminate the people.
I mean, cross them off get rid of them, destroy them, decimate them and there’d only be one man left“

If i could just concentrate hard enough to get rid of them.
Concentration, that’s what it takes.
Concentrate on getting rid of the people.“

„- Let’s face it. You are bored to tears. Solitude is one thing but loneliness loneliness is quite another.
– Loneliness nothing. I despise people. I loathe them.“


  • Twilight Zone

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