Zitat des Tages – Normalität

„Is he really normal, doctor?“

„That is a word we try not to use, Mrs. Parkes.“

„Why not?“

„Well, because it’s meaningless. „Normal“ in the popular sense refers only to the behavior pattern of the majority, and that pattern is not necessarily good. Well if 99.9% of the people in the country were to, uh oh, go to bed with their socks on, let’s say, then going to bed with one’s socks on would be the normal thing to do. And if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be normal, you see?“

„I go to bed with my socks on all the time.“

„What i’m trying to say is, don’t judge charley’s emotional health by the degree to which he conforms to other people’s standards. Don’t expect him to well, be like other people.“

„Then you don’t think he’s sick?“

„Not now, no. He was when he came here. The constant pressure of trying to be something he wasn’t, of-of trying to act and feel and think the way you wanted him to instead of the way he wanted to- well, these things contributed to a serious breakdown.“

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