Zitat – Sick people die

  • A: „Dad, how did aunt Leslie die?“

  • B: „Well, aunt Leslie was sick, and she had complications from her sickness.

  • C: „She had a mental illness. Bipolar affective disorder. We think it started right after Bo was born. Probably a form of postpartum psychosis. She’d have violent mood swings ranging from mania, where she’d be elated and make elaborate plans for the future, to severe depression, where she’d become almost catatonic, utterly without hope. We didn’t– we didn’t understand what was happening.“

  • D: „We don’t need to talk about this in front of the children. These are details that are–„

  • B: „yeah. The doctors, um, put her in the hospital. They gave her medicine, but she was really sick. Yeah. And she… died. Sick people die. Sometimes they-they die. She died ‚cause of– because of her, uh– because of the sickness.

  • C: „She slit her wrists. She killed herself. That’s what happened.

  • B: „Or that.“


  • Captain Fantastic

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