Zitat – Will you be my wife?

A: It’s almost midnight. I sincerely hope you two lovebirds haven’t been doing what I think you’ve been doing.

B: I know what you think. But I know that your daughter has taught me many things just now. She has broadened my mind, she has helped me grow. When we just kissed for the first time just then, it– the endorphins that your daughter sent through my body were like dolphins swimming through my bloodstream. The way she has opened me up, she has penetrated deep inside of me, and I know that I have penetrated deep, deep inside of your daughter. And– but not-not like that. I would love to when– when it’s necessary for… I-i want kids someday. Not right now, of course. But when you’re ready, when I’m ready, because I think this should be a shared decision. This is a decision that we should make together. But when you are ready, I will be ready. I am ready for you, if you will have me. Claire. What’s your last name?“

C: „M-m-mccune.“

B: „Claire mccune, will you be my wife?“


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