Zitat – Urges

Preiss: Do you like women, Herr Knight?

Gabriel Knight: I’ve been known to.

Baron Friederich Von Glower: What separates man from every other species on the planet? Civilization! Oh, its not a bad thing, human society, but it has come at a terrible price. Through civilization we have lost our physical self, our sensory perception, our instinct if you will. We became fat and lazy, a dull rusted blade.

Gabriel Knight: And those on the good days.

Gabriel Knight: What do you think of the club philosophy?

Preiss: It works, doesn’t it?

Gabriel Knight: Does it?

Preiss: We’re all animals! Why deny it?

Gabriel Knight: So you don’t believe in suppressing anything?

Preiss: Why would I want to suppress my urges? If your body wants something, it must be natural.

Gabriel Knight: Well what if you get the natural urge to rip someones throat out, shouldn’t they suppress?

Preiss: Well, fortunatly my insticts are to pleasure, of the equally sticky, but less fatal kind.

Gabriel Knight: What about those whose instincts are fatal. Shouldn’t they suppress?

Preiss: I believe that nature, handles that situation when it occurs, Herr Knight.

Gabriel Knight: How?

Preiss: In the wild when a member of society does not conform, he is hunted down and executed. End of mutant instinct, and its genetic bloodline.

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